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Old 2nd July 2008, 06:51 PM
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Default vini: humidifier vs. fogger (Read 98 times)

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Thread Started on 3 Jun, 2008, 4:31
I have used humidifiers in my indoor greenhouses, and in my opinion, i dont like them that much. i had to buy a new filter for it every 3 mounths, and it didnt do its job very well. So i was thinking, what about those fogger systems that people use for reptile terrariums . If anyone has tried these out, could you tell me how well they work? The online store i found them in is They got all sorts of things, from CP's to amphibian supplies!


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Reply #1 on 3 Jun, 2008, 4:53

These foggers are actually sonic humidifiers, and they really do work great! You do have to keep in mind that they work SO great that they can be dangerous! They pump out about a gallon of water (and whatever else is in it) out into the air every day. If bacteria or algae, or slime molds begin to grow in the water with those things, they too will be thrown out into the air.

This was discovered by accident, actually, several years ago when Consumers Reports was doing some air quality tests concerning wood burning stoves, and found one household had extremely high levels caustic calcareous carbonate salts suspended in the air, which precipitated on everything, leaving a dusty white film; others had an unusual high bacteria count, and some even some fungus and mold spores. This turned out to be caused by these sonic humidifiers running in the same rooms, that were never washed out, or cleaned, just refilled after going empty.

The thing is to keep them clean, about once a day, change the water, and clean them off.

BTW, the folks at BlackJungle happen to be old friends of mine, both Rich and Mike are dear old friends, and good people!

- Rich
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