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Old 16th December 2008, 02:02 PM
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Default Sadness of the landslide that happen in Ampang

Hello everyone......

I believe that this is a rather old topic that has happen quite a while ago, but the landslide that happen at Bukit Antarabangsa still breaks my heart. It was a tragic event that broke my heart a lot. But now, I am starting to hear that some people do not care that much and some blame the residents of being so stupid to choose a highland area as their house area. It is rather sad to hear this bickering of such things.

I just wonder, what do all of you forumers think? Should the victims of the landslide be pitied and given all the help? Or is this landslide part of their fault? After all..........

Plus there are ridiculous things about the developers becoming angry about the government freezing all the asets of highland house projects. It hits me that these people never learn their lesson about landslide and only care about moeny and richness!!!

I do hope that there wasn't any nepenthes there though. It would be sad to see those nepenthes die......

I pray that the victims of the landslide to be safe and that they may begin their life again with peace and happiness. Hopefully the people of Malaysia will learn a lesson from this.

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