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Old 23rd September 2013, 02:38 AM
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Default HELLLPPP can I save my Sarracenia?

So I bought this Scarlet Belle (I think) from the florist about 1-2 months ago and I specifically asked the florist what the best way to care for it was. She spoke as if she knew heaps about the plant and told me to keep it out of sunlight and just lightly spray it with water every other day... =(

Now my plant is all shriveled and upon googling its species...I see how wrong her instructions were.

It now looks like this:

I'm putting it in as much sunlight (though the typhoon just hit so no idea how much sunlight it'll get in the next few days) as I can and watering it properly.


Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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Old 23rd September 2013, 05:19 AM
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Default Re: HELLLPPP can I save my Sarracenia?

Your plant may still survive. The amount of sunlight is not the important thing at the moment. Whilst it does need light the main thing is water. Ensure that it is sitting in water constantly and if possible cover with a dome or plastic bag to get the humidity as high as possible. The traps that are on the plant at the moment will not recover and should be removed as they die/brown off. If you keep the water and humidity up you should start to see new growth.
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