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Dionaea muscipula Everything about Venus's Flytrap

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Old 6th September 2011, 03:59 AM
Richard Hole Richard Hole is offline
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Default Growing outdoors or under cover


Do you think it is best to grow Venus Fly Traps under a plastic roof out of the heavy rain? I heard that they do not grow as well in the heavy rain and rain can set off the traps. I know it can splash some of the peat out of the small pots that they grow in.

I could grow them under a plastic roof in the greenhouse that provides about 40% shade. Would that be better than out in the open in the full sun and heavy rain?

I plan to grow the Sarracenias out in the full sun and rain as they may not be affected as much as the pots are larger and roots are deeper.

I live in the tropics near Cairns in Australia on the Atherton Tableland at 757 meters altitude.

Your help is appreciated.
Regards Richard

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Old 6th September 2011, 06:02 AM
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Default Re: Growing outdoors or under cover

I grow VFT outside subject to rain but the rainfall in Melbourne is a bit different to what you get up there. I would recommend under some shelter as you described only so that the plants don't get washed out. If you have VFT pots with a Utric ground cover, I often get U. bisquamata cmong up in mine, I would just grow them outdoors as that should provide some protection from the rain.

The Sarra's will be alright outside due to the larger size they are unlikely to be covered in a deluge. Cheers.
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Old 7th September 2011, 03:19 PM
Tarence Tarence is offline
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Default Re: Growing outdoors or under cover

We grow our VFTs mainly in LFS & this doesn`t splash easy even in our heaviest rainfalls. I know of a VFT collector who just places newly separated tiny VFTs into LFS & exposes them to rains etc without much harm. If you grow them in peat, perhaps you could top off the peat with LFS ? VFTs once conditioned to raindrops won`t bother to snap shut.

In Asia, we are adviced not to expose our VFTs to afternoon sun especially the hottest times of the day ie 2-5 p.m. Not sure how it works for you over there. Filtered a`noon sun ( mimicking tall strands of grass ) would be quite ok.
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Old 20th November 2011, 09:07 PM
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Default Re: Growing outdoors or under cover

i put outside without any cover.

leaf pulling & split

not in good apearance, but healthy is important
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Old 4th December 2011, 12:28 AM
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Default Re: Growing outdoors or under cover

update the right pot

yes...i can swim
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