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Old 1st May 2013, 05:57 AM
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Default Help! Stems drying out!

Hi everyone,

I'm new (on the forum and as a pitcher plant owner) and have an issue with my plant.
It's been growing incredibly well since I got it about 6 months ago, but I noticed in the last week that the stem of the main plant and two baby plants, along with the leaves towards the bottom are starting to dry up.

I haven't changed anything in the way I water it and I haven't moved it from the window it was sitting in front of. I'm not sure if it's because the main plant has become pretty huge and needs to be propagated (but I'm not sure why that would result in drying out). The top leaves look healthy but I'm worried the drying has something to do with the roots and is going to spread and kill the plants.

Another thing I've noticed, not sure if it's related, is small clear droplets on the leaves/stem of the main plant. They look like water drops but they are hard to the touch. I've attached photos of everything.

Any help would be much appreciated!!
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