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Old 21st June 2011, 09:38 PM
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Default Conditions for dormancy


I am from the Atherton Tablelands in the tropics near Cairns. Where I live at 757 meters altitude I frequently get temperatures between 10 and 21 degrees Celsius for the minimum and maximums. This year I have had some minimums down to 5 degrees. However, the days are still about 22 degrees. In winter sometimes the minimums are around 15 degrees and the maximums can still get as high as 28 degrees.

Is there an advantage of putting my Sarracenias and Venus Fly Traps in the fridge in my conditions or do you think conditions will be cool enough if I leave them in the pots and put them in full shade outside over winter? Last year I successfully put them in the fridge by wrapping the bulbs in damp paper towel. However this year appears to cooler so far so I may not need to put them in the fridge. Do you think the plants will grow better in the spring and summer if I put them in the fridge?

If you suggest putting them in the fridge, is it best to wash the soil off the roots with a hose before wrapping them in paper towel or is it all right to just shake the soil off first?

In the fridge I make sure the temperatures range between about 2 and 8 degrees because freezing the plants can kill them.

Your help is appreciated
Regards Richard.
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Old 22nd June 2011, 06:01 AM
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Default Re: Conditions for dormancy

Hi Richard. Plants can survive more than one year without a dormancy so I would suggest trying outside this year with the cooler conditions. Dry the pots out and this will help ensure the plants become dormant.

If you decide to go with the fridge I don't think you need to worry about washing the roots. I would just shake off loose soil and then surround what is left with sphagnum moss as a protective layer to prevent frost burn. Cheers.
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