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Old 20th September 2008, 01:39 AM
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PetPitcher website and forum is maintained for the purpose of providing a free place for fellow CPers to network, learn and share information or carnivorous plants. If you are excited about this website/forum and would like to be involve or contribute, listed below are the venues and areas that you may volunteer to help out:


01. Share your thoughts, experiences and knowledge on the forum with other members. Your contribution to the forum is important to help it grow and be a resource for other members and visitors. Without the generosity of members sharing their cultivation tips and knowledge, the forum will not of any benefit to anyone.

02. Write an article related to the cultivation of carnivorous plants so that it can be archived as a reference. Articles can be sent to me via email or through Personal Message. You do not need to have a degree or become a professional horticulturalist before you can write. Just talk about your experience and share.


03. Volunteer yourself to help out during events and exhibitions. We depend on volunteers to help in these events. Your contribution would be very much appreciated and it would help promote the cultivation of carnivorous plants and the forum.

04. We are always looking for willing and capable members to help moderate the forum. Volunteer yourself to be a marshal and peacekeeper in the forum and help make the forum a beneficial and pleasant place for everyone. Your request will be considered and based on various criteria and discussion with the other leaders of the forum, you may be elected as a Moderator / Global Moderator in the forum.

05. We are also looking for members to fill up the position of Database Managers. Database Managers are responsible for vetting through the discussion, decide what to keep or discard and incorporate the information into the Plant Database. Database Managers can also amend or delete current information in the Database.

06. Help out by entering events and public holidays into the PetPitcher Calendar. If there is an outing that you wish to organise, enter it into the calendar so that we have a historical record and members can be reminded of the event.


07. We need your help to promote PetPitcher and introduce the forum/website to others. Below are some artworks that you can download and pass around or place in your emails, blogs, websites, facebook, friendster, multiply, hi5, etc. to help promote PetPitcher.

Artwork 1 - designed by David
Name:  Advert 1.jpg
Views: 676359
Size:  31.1 KB

Artwork 2 - designed by David
Name:  Advert - cps.jpg
Views: 1012
Size:  34.2 KB

Artwork 3 - designed by David
Name:  Advert - Drosera.jpg
Views: 1018
Size:  113.7 KB

Artwork 4 - designed by David
Name:  Advert - Drosera 2.jpg
Views: 1014
Size:  46.0 KB

Artwork 5 - bunting design by Tiong Soon
Name:  bunting.jpg
Views: 2160
Size:  66.5 KB
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