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Old 10th July 2008, 09:42 PM
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Default PetPitcher Photo Gallery

About the Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is a showcase of members plants and all registered members are given permission to upload pictures on the gallery. You may also give ratings and coments to other member's pictures or send the picture as an ecard to friends.

You can access the Photo Gallery at:

1. Direct link to the gallery at
2. Click on the "Gallery" link on the forum
3. Click on the "Photo Gallery" button on the homepage

To upload pictures:

1. Click on "Upload file" link at the top of the Gallery below the masshead.
2. You may upload directly from your computer or from a website/URL

Fields that you need to fill in:

Select the correct album for your pictures, ie. Nepenthes pictures to go into Nepenthes album, etc...

File title
This is the title/caption for your picture. Type the genus, species and form name here, ie. N. rafflesiana "elongata". Always have the species name in front before any other comments or caption. This is important so that it is easier to look for pictures as they are arranged in alphabetical order. This information will be shown under the picture at the thumbnail section on the front page.

File description
This is where you acknowledge the owner of the picture. Please note that you are required to acknowledge the owner of the picture if the picture does not belong to you. Please follow this format... eg. "Picture by Ban Aik aka bactrus - Penang, Malaysia." If the picture belongs to you, you do not need to key in your name here. Member's names are automatically generated under the File Information of the picture. This caption will be shown below the actual size picture when you click on the thumbnail.

You may ignore this field.

Depending on your ranking on the forum, the pictures you upload may require moderation from the Administrator or Moderators before they are shown in the Photo Gallery. This is to make sure the format and pictures are correct and appropriate before they are archive in the Gallery.


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Old 14th July 2008, 03:46 PM
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Default Re: Photo Gallery

Terms and Conditions for using the Photo Gallery

1. The usage of this gallery is governed by the Terms and Conditions of PetPitcher forum.
2. If you are posting other member's pictures, the member's name must be typed into the title of the picture.
3. You may not post pictures from non-members. This gallery is to be used only for members of PetPitcher.
5. Captions and description may be amended by the Administrator and pictures removed if found to be inappriopriate.

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