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Old 13th January 2009, 11:28 AM
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Below is a list of unacceptable behavior on the forum. This list will be updated as and when the Administrative staff come across members with unacceptable behavior:

Rude and sarcastic towards other members
These are members who attack other members verbally in the forum and through personal message, email and telephone.

Do not honor their sales/purchase arrangement
These are members who agree to join in a group purchase or agreed to sell/purchase/exchange an item/plant with other members, but in the end do not carry through with the arrangement.

Harass others for plants/sales
They are the ones who repeatedly harass other members for free plants or repeatedly pester members to buy plants from them.

Exploit the forum for personal gains
These are members who do not contribute in the discussions in terms of sharing their knowledge and experience. They mostly post sales threads or post their interest in threads where there are free giveaways. When they received free plants/seeds/items, they sell/exchange it on other forums/websites for money, other plants/seeds, etc.

Spam advertisement
These are members who post unsolicited advertisements and spam on the forum and through Personal Message or Email to members of the forum.

Plagiarism and false information
Members who copy information/pictures from books or other sources such as websites and other memberís posts/PM to them and post it on the forum as their own. This also relates to members who post misleading/false information such as a false grow list etc.
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