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Default Re: CaseyHoo - heliamphora

Originally Posted by jeff View Post
on my first page yes it is their habitats , on the top of the tepui.

along my web site you see a lot of heliam "in situ " more are very red , we are on the equateur , the strong UV in this country from december to march make this colour .

here to LE MANS the UV is not the same , but if the pitchers spoon are very red the plants are in good shape .

to have a red pitchers in cultivate you can use a "turbo neon" , but the artificial UV are not the natural .

hmm, strong UV rays/ lights resulting redder pitcher for heliamphora in natural habitat, do artificial UV lights meant for aqua hobby will have the same result and effect on heliam? you mentioned 'turbo neon', care to explain further? anyone tried to place UV lights for CPs?
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