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Default Re: CaseyHoo - heliamphora

you can see my grow list in the appropriate rubric.

all my heliamphora are in a terra .

here in LE MANS (FRANCE) we have a temperate climat ,actually we are in winter .

my terra closed are in front of a south window to 50cm , just a lid open to 5 mm

actually with a sun low in the sky , this terra have a good natural light , like 'in situ ' from december to march .

all the pot are in 2-3 cm of rain water.

allways with 80-90% hygrometry , the pitcher allways with water .

actually with the day 19-22c the night 17-18 c

in summer I have 22-25 c with some time some pics to 35c the night 19-20c allways with the same hygrometry.

no fertilizer for them just some time some alive insect .

my substrat just blond peat + vermiculite 50/50

my heliamphora terra in JULY 2007 more great now but with some light problem , I must change my installation the next year.

you can see also here ( change the language with the google module) some one 'in situ' or mine in culture in 2008


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