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Default Re: Marigoldsfail's Microscopic Growlist


For the most part my plants have been doing pretty well. A number of them have been flowering; mostly droseras, but also my vriesea and one of my Aloe veras. (does anyone here know if aloes self pollinate?) I've also been starting a lot of various seedlings.

I'd post some pictures, but just yesterday I discovered red spider mites on one of my lemon seedlings, and have been busy waging war against them since.

So far, I've detected them on my lemon seedlings, some tomatoes and beans I was starting indoors, and a few of my smaller neps. So far it seems none of my thick-leaved plants have them, nor do my spiderplants or droseras, but I have yet to check all of them.

My methodology so far has been to wipe down all leaf surfaces of the infected plants with mildly soapy water, then spray the entire plant off with distilled water, then apply an all-purpose insecticide(says it kills mites too). In a few days I'll repeat the process, maybe using neem oil instead of the insecticide.
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