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David 30th June 2009 05:38 PM

Plant Competition
Dear members,

This is to inform you that a plant competition will be organised on the forum in July 2009. There will be exciting prizes to be won, thanks to our sponsors (listed below).

Please log into the "PetPitcher Plant Comeptition" board for details of the competition or simply click on this link. Entry submission dateline is 12 July 2009, 12.00am.

We have the honor to have the following judges in this competition:
- Dr. Charles Clarke
- Ch'ien Lee
- Stewart McPherson

Best regards,


List of sponsors:
- Mohd Fauzi,
- Pattarawut Sopha,
- James Yong, New Trio Products, 012-2340538
- Eric, TG Gardens, 012-4289585

David 8th July 2009 06:38 PM

Re: Plant Competition
Just a reminder that the closing date is just 3 days away. The Judges will start judging on 15 July.

There are still categories that do not have any entries. The other categories only have a few entries. If so, these few entries are going to win the prizes. Come on! Give them some competition will yaa! Don't make it so easy for them to win.

Our sponsors have sponsored some really good prizes. Make their effort and prize more worth it.

Email me your entries at Each entry must have 3 pictures from different angles. Include in your email your real name and forum ID including the genus and species name of the plant you are submitting. :)

David 12th July 2009 02:12 PM

Re: Plant Competition
Ok, I know a lot of you have emailed me your entries since Friday. Sorry I could not get them up in the competition boards for you yet. Will do it before the Judges start judging on 15 July, Wed. Internet line at my place have been very slow and it hangs on me when I try to upload the pictures.

But no worries, it will be up by Wednesday. Patience please... :)

David 14th July 2009 10:29 AM

Re: Plant Competition
Dear members and competition participants,

There are still a few more entries that I have yet to upload before the judges come in to comment and judge tomorrow. So, for those who have submitted yoru entries before the deadline and have not seen your entries in the competition boards, do not worry. I will get it up by today.

However, if by 6pm today you still have not seen your entry in the competition boards, please contact me.


David 19th July 2009 04:50 PM

Re: Plant Competition
Dear members,

The judges' comments and votes shall be posted on the competition boards within the next few days. Thereafter, a poll will be carried out for member's to vote.

As discussed with the judges a while ago, the judges will not post on the forum their comments and votes. All comments and votes shall be emailed to me and I will post the comments and votes collectively on the competition boards. Individual judges comments and votes shall remain anonymous on the forum.

Thank you

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