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NepNut 28th December 2010 10:00 PM

Amendment to Forums's Trading Term and Condition <IMPORTANT>
After discussion among fellow admins and our boss David, we have decided to remove Trading Term No. 2 and 11, as follow...

2. Item pricing, payment and collection details MUST be done via PM (Private Message). You are not allowed to show the price of an item in the Trading Board. This is to avoid price war among members and upsetting our sponsors who are selling the same item or have intention to sell the same item. However, you are allowed to discuss the price in the Group Purchase board.

11. All threads in the member's Trading Board will be deleted after two weeks except the "Wanted Stuff" sub-section. This is to save space on the forum. If you wish to have your sale items listed on the forum on a continuous basis, you need to become a sponsor and have a Sponsor's forum. However, if your offer truly benefit members in a huge way, the Administrator will allow your thread to be in the Trading Board for a longer period or permanently.

Hopefully this will make things easier for fellow members and potential new members to do trading in PetPitcher. Wish you all the best :smile:.

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