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Cindy 18th August 2008 08:13 PM

Byblis liniflora and one weird bug
This is the pot of Byblis liniflora which I get all of my seeds from.
With flash
Without flash
Poor bug got caught in the dew.
It is darn cute - with three horns!
The eyes are like red cheeks.
Poor fellow was trying to flap its wings real hard to get rid of the sticky dew. But alas, they are already damaged. :(

shawnintland 19th August 2008 12:49 AM

Re: Byblis liniflora and one weird bug
Hey Cindy, don't give that guy ANY help! I believe that's a intermediate stage of a 'leafhopper', a real destructive critter! The Byblis liniflora photos rival those D. paradoa shots for beauty! More, more!

Tarence 19th August 2008 10:42 AM

Re: Byblis liniflora and one weird bug
nice byblis``ll be harvesting a few hundred seeds from the bunch i`m guessing ? heheh. my byblis seeds fly all over. when david swings by, he always tsk tsk me & collects the seeds coz i`m too lazy to do so.

it`s still one of my fav flowering CPs. gorgeous amethyst flowers.

Cindy 19th August 2008 11:44 AM

Re: Byblis liniflora and one weird bug
Thanks, Strath. I realised later after rescuing this 3-horn fellow that it is a leafhopper. Well, it must be the one (or least its kind) to chew off my Byblis growth tips! Good thing is, the plants branch off and become more bushy. More flowers are produced too.

Tarence, tsk tsk know how precious the seeds are or not? Although I have found a way to germinate the seeds successfully, I have yet found out why some seedlings die and others don't. Been trying to experiment with different media and found live sphagnum moss or fresh LFS the best.

Tarence 19th August 2008 02:49 PM

Re: Byblis liniflora and one weird bug
tsk tsk tsk indeed. heheh. oklah, i`ll be more gung-ho about the seed collection. just that my byblis are placed at the far end of my multi-tier rack for full sun ( but protected from rain by a sheet of glass overhead ) & it`s difficult to reach. if i had collected all the seed pods, i think i would have a few thousand seeds by now.

what would i have done with all those seeds ? mmmmm.......Einstein pose.....thinking hard....

Cindy 20th August 2008 02:19 PM

Re: Byblis liniflora and one weird bug
Send the seeds to me. I'll germinate them or get someone to put them into TC. Then we can have pots and pots of Byblis! :wub:

Varhoon Vystra 29th December 2008 06:23 PM

Re: Byblis liniflora and one weird bug
Its just the life circle.........dont B toooo sad.Cheer up.:laugh:

plantlover 26th January 2009 04:28 PM

Re: Though the most sincere love
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alcran 27th January 2009 07:04 AM

Re: Byblis liniflora and one weird bug

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strath76 27th January 2009 05:58 PM

Re: Byblis liniflora and one weird bug
It has been removed. It was there last night when Aaron posted.

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