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  1. N. carunculata robusta x truncata
  2. Nepenthes Promotion at Flora Fest 2007
  3. Ampullaria's food
  4. bifurcatum: Some Question
  5. artificialive: Truncata leaf problem
  6. cactustts: My ampullaria
  7. David: Nepenthes Plantlets Updates
  8. Robert: highland intermediate
  9. Robert: reddish N. reinwardtiana
  10. bifurcatum: N. rafflesiana
  11. zakhren: New growth on cutting?
  12. zakhren: My hookeriana Cutting
  13. zakhren: Newly discovered species
  14. David: N. globosa aka viking
  15. fauzi: N. naquiyuddinnii & N. zakriana
  16. tarence: N. hookeriana
  17. tarence: 2 more nepenthes
  18. tarence: n. truncata photo
  19. David: N. gracilis (stout)
  20. zakhren: JK's free seeds
  21. bifurcatum: My New Nepenthes Arrive!!!!!
  22. tarence: N. hookeriana
  23. bifurcatum: N. truncata
  24. khairimhd: Easy to grow Nepenthes
  25. zakhren: My New Little Neps
  26. Robert: N. reinwardtiana and its hybrid
  27. zakhren: My miranda, you think it's ok?
  28. ding: My Nepenthes Collection (New)
  29. Tarence: My n.ampullaria
  30. David: Deformed Monsters of the Nepenthes world
  31. fishingman: Hardy nepenthes recommendation
  32. holttumii: My neps
  33. ding: johor bahru international orchid show
  34. piceslim: Mini Monkey cup
  35. bifurcatum: Rust Spots Fungus?
  36. macamus3: Nepenthes ramispina
  37. David: Lau's Nepenthes and Cold Terrarium
  38. fishingman: Big leaves but no pitcher
  39. kltower: N. sanguinea - grown in garden soil
  40. Robert: red lips
  41. piceslim: My termites eater
  42. isaacgoh: Now would you call this Red or Purple?
  43. Robert: young neps at home
  44. isaacgoh: Nothing Fancy, just N. albo green with BROWN lips
  45. bugbeware: some plants of mine
  46. ding: My Nepenthes Collection (2)
  47. isaacgoh: Fertilisation for Neps
  48. adisonz: Need help to grow new nep
  49. dib: @ Home
  50. fauzi: Nepenthes sharifah-hapsahii
  51. tarence: Nps from MT
  52. David: Just some pictures to share
  53. bugbeware: some plants from EP
  54. adisonz: Will grown leaf produce pitcher?
  55. fishingman: N. Edwardsiana
  56. David: Germination of N. ampullaria (dark red spots) seeds
  57. isaacgoh: My facourite New additions
  58. rainforestguy: N. thorelii x Trusmadiensis
  59. isaacgoh: My N. rafflesiana "squat red"
  60. kltower: Buy BE N. rajah
  61. ameliepoulain: Athene's N. gracilis
  62. rainforestguy: N. dyeriana
  63. cindy: Cindy's Neps grown under PL lights
  64. tarence: The only Nep I bought from Camerons
  65. Tarence: Cultivation of N. adnata
  66. kltower: #@$%^&* SQUIRELS PART 2
  67. artificialive: temperatuyre vs humidity
  68. ameliepoulain: What's wrong with this neps?
  69. tarence: Some neps for sale at Camerons
  70. dib: My pitchers
  71. artificialive: xkuchingensis not growing
  72. artificialive: Albo Red x Green
  73. cindy: Season for basel and lateral shoots at my balcony
  74. piceslim: N. bestonei's seeds germination!
  75. isaacgoh: How big is your albomarginata pitcher in lowland?
  76. tarence: N. x coccinea upper & lower
  77. ericsow: Should I leave it there?
  78. civic: Truncata pic
  79. cindy: N. mirabilis x thorelii
  80. seree: My N. globosa
  81. David: Just some pictures
  82. tarence: n. xtrichocarpa
  83. korean: female? male?
  84. artificialive: Nepenthes International Pollen Agency
  85. funkychips: my Neps
  86. xir007: N. viking x ampullaria
  87. tarence: N. northiana
  88. bugbeware: new plants from my garden
  89. cindy: N. globosa (viking vivid red)
  90. cindy: N. albomarginata at my balcony
  91. twoton: Now to import Nepenthes to Sarawak?
  92. bactrus: Upper and Lowwer Pitcher
  93. bactrus: Nepenthes Seed Pods
  94. isaacgoh: How are your highland neps doing?
  95. tarence: My fattest N. hookeriana
  96. phissionkorps: eymae x fallax x lowii
  97. civic: N. sharifah- hapsahii
  98. avery: Hello from Hong Kong
  99. Robert: cuttings and propagation
  100. artificialive: Najwan's Nepenthes
  101. ameliepoulain: Are these fertilized seeds?
  102. jonathan: N. sp. viking
  103. almeliepoulain: Nepenthes Cultivation
  104. ameliepoulain: Is this fungal problem?
  105. rainforestguy: Difficulties in growing N. spectabilis warm
  106. rainforestguy: N. rowanae
  107. rainforestguy: Updates on EP's tc clones
  108. rainforestguy: N. thorelii x densiflora making vigorous highland
  109. kk: Nepenthes rafflesiana
  110. sweethalo: Fauzi's Nepenthes Wonderland
  111. David: Anniversary Contest - Nepenthes Pic
  112. horatio: nep place in JB
  113. bugbeware: new plants to show
  114. Ludwig: N. ventricosa-squat x (talengensis x carunculata)
  115. rainforestguy: N. spectabilis x veitchii
  116. phissionkorps: made a nep site...
  117. rainforestguy: N. northisna x veitchii in very full sun
  118. rainforestguy: Sibuyanensis hybrids for the warm grower
  119. Ludwig: N. maxima "M"
  120. nick: Random Pics
  121. cindy: N. adnata and N. sibuyanensis x hamata
  122. Ludwig: N. thirelii x trusmadiensis
  123. nepaholic: Pictures of my plants
  124. rainforestguy: N. boschiana
  125. nepaholic: N. xPredator
  126. rainforestguy: N. faizaliana seedling
  127. PetPitcher Anniversary Phot Contest Poll
  128. kk: Green N. hookeriana
  129. rainforestguy: Complex Hybrids
  130. Ludwig: N. "Caesar"
  131. srduggins: maxima x mira
  132. bifurcatum: Some Update of My Old Neps
  133. David: Problem with N. eustachya leaves
  134. Ludwig: N. xDyeriana
  135. phissionkorps: some not so crappy pics of my plants
  136. wijaya: Some of my Neps
  137. borneo: N. xhookeriana - new colour form?
  138. jk: Misc photos
  139. kltower: Bangkok's Chatuchak Weekend Market
  140. ifurita: N. globosa pics
  141. wanakorn: My Collection of Viking Hybrids
  142. kk: My N. ampullaria
  143. marcellocatalano: mindanaoensis, philippinesis and northiana
  144. srduggins: Mutants!
  145. ifurita: Some random nep pics
  146. David: Neopenthes Names and Meanings
  147. powweramps: N. albomarginata of Penang hill
  148. agustinfranco: clonal variations influences growth pattern
  149. borneo: N. spectabilis - Ugly Duckling?
  150. rainforestguy: N. (stenophylla x lowii) x (Rokko x veitchii)
  151. rainforestguy: N. eustachya hybrids
  152. rainforestguy: N. sibuyanensis hybrids
  153. rainforestguy: N. rowanae hybrids
  154. rainforestguy: Kevin Wong's N. maxima x boschiana
  155. rainforestguy: N. truncata x veitchii h/I strip
  156. rainforestguy: N. bical x maxima
  157. rainforestguy: More maximas
  158. rainforestguy: More hybrids!
  159. rainforestguy: Full Sun Dyeriana, a recap
  160. rainforestguy: Truncata x alata hybrids
  161. rainforestguy: Dominance for size in primary crosses
  162. marcellacatalano: nepenthesofthailand.com: update january 2008
  163. agustinfranco: Can anybody guess which hybrid is this?
  164. lamwn: Air Circulation
  165. rainforestguy: N. rowanae
  166. rainforestguy: Forbidden Hybrid
  167. rainforestguy: Mike's Picks
  168. primavera: Article: Highland nepenthes seeds and seedlings
  169. rainforestguy: N. thirelli x Trusmadiensis
  170. rainforestguy: N. bellii x (northiana x veitchii)
  171. agustinfranco: maxima x aristolochioides
  172. kk: N. xhookeriana (tricolor)
  173. wanakorn: take a photo! new 2008
  174. sweethalo: NepieNepNeps :)
  175. kk: N. gracilis x rafflesiana
  176. rainforestguy: N. truncata x stenophylla
  177. David: Really slow growing plantlets
  178. Ludwig: N. maxima-dark x trusmadiensis
  179. rainforestguy: Seed-Grown N. sanguinea grows well in tropics
  180. phissionkorps: splendiana x rokko
  181. rainforestguy: N. sibuyannensis x (spectabilis x sumatrana)
  182. rainforestguy: Seed-grown N. reinwardtiana breaks all odds
  183. kk: N. ampullaria (tricolor)
  184. plantlover: My nepenthes
  185. Wijaya: N. Longifolia
  186. wijaya: N. Tobaica
  187. kk: N. ampullaria (hot lips)
  188. agustinfranco: seed-grown reinwardtiana
  189. phissionkorps: what raff clone is this?
  190. rainforestguy: Monstrose Inflorescences
  191. rainforestguy: Seed Grown N. stenophylla
  192. rainforestguy: Transplanting Seedlings
  193. rainforestguy: A N. alata crossbreed
  194. N. maxima x truncata flowers
  195. rainforestguy: N. thorelii x rowanae
  196. rainforestguy: N. Trusmadiensis hybrids
  197. hongrui: CNY is around the corner!
  198. rainforestguy: N. albomarginata x veitchii
  199. rainforestguy: N. sibuyanensis hybrids
  200. rainforestguy: N. ventricosa x mapuluensis
  201. rainforestguy: N. (thorelii x rafflesiana) x rowanae
  202. rainforestguy: N. bical x rafflesiana makes uppers
  203. rainforestguy: rafflesiana x sibuyanensis uppers
  204. rainforestguy: N. rafflesiana x veitvhii h/l striped
  205. Ludwig: Some hybrids
  206. rainforestguy: N. eymae
  207. rainforestguy: N. sibuyanensis x (spectabilis x sumatrana)
  208. phissionkorps: New additions
  209. David: N. viking x ampullaria
  210. rainforestguy: Viking Peculiarities
  211. rainforestguy: N. alata Giant EP
  212. tropicpitchers: N.alata(f) var.boschiana
  213. milossula: N. truncata
  214. tropicpitchers: N.rafflesiana x rowanae
  215. victoria: fertilising seedlings
  216. tropicpitchers: N.bicalcarata-red x maxima(l)
  217. aphos: The miracle of Seed
  218. rainforestguy: seed vs tc plants
  219. David: New "pets" to satisfy my addiction
  220. plantlover: My new Nepenthes Pitchers
  221. ifurita: Random Highland stuff
  222. rainforestguy: N. hurrelliana x veitchii ??
  223. Ludwig: N. lowii x truncata
  224. bifurcatum: N. rafflesiana
  225. Ludwig: N. ventricosa x aristolochioides
  226. plantlover: Something is growing
  227. xir007: N. spectabilis x bicalcarata
  228. bactrus: Nep seeds germination
  229. artificialive: Fertilising Neps
  230. cindy: Pics of assorted Nep pitchers
  231. cindy: N. alata vs N. eustachya
  232. kltower: Plants from Borneo Exotics
  233. xir007: five pics to present
  234. aphos: Thailand Eastern Botanical Exhibition 2nd
  235. Ludwig: N. glabrata recovers from high temps
  236. seree: Random My Hybrid
  237. phissionkorps: Thorelii 'Giant Tiger' (and others) question
  238. xir007: N. ampullaria red x ventricosa
  239. seree: Ramdom My species
  240. fauzi: Media for germination of Neps seeds
  241. tropicpicthers: N.lowii x ventricosa-red
  242. plantlover: Urgent Help Needed!
  243. xir007: N. thorellii x ampularia and friends
  244. wanakorn: In the Darkness
  245. lamwn: Some pics to share
  246. sunbelle: N. maxima Borone
  247. sunbelle: N. bical red x (spectabilis x northiana)
  248. Lamentine: Who has N. lowii x truncata
  249. kk: N. rafflesiana red
  250. kk: N. hookeriana